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Fangship Bathroom Rug Bath Mat Tiger Cheap Lying on A Branch in Max 63% OFF a Big

Fangship Bathroom Rug Bath Mat Tiger Lying on a Big Branch in A


Fangship Bathroom Rug Bath Mat Tiger Lying on a Big Branch in A

Product description

Size:24x35 inch

Bath Mat Area Rugs Carpet Doormat Floor Mat Absorbent Mats Bathroom Rugs Bedroom Living Room Kitchen Foot Pad Rug

Material:Microfiber (Front) +Non-Slip Dot Rubber (Back)

Unique Decor:
Stylish and pop patterns with comfortable and soft experience will be a good idea to improve the quality and taste of home life, create unlimited vitality and artistic charm for your house.

Cute Pet Mat:
In addition to being used as a bathroom mat, you can also use a cozy and soft mat as a pet mat. It can not only scratch water stains and dust on pets' paws, but also provide a good place for pets to play. Give your lovely pet a certain amount of warmth in the cold winter.

Heart-Warming Gift:
On upcoming Birthdays, Weddings, Housewarmings or Major Holidays such as Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc., this will be a unique and interesting gift that will bring unlimited gifts to your friends and family Warmth and care!

Customer Service:
We are committed to the pursuit of customer satisfaction. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or give us feedback. We will try our best to answer and serve you as soon as possible.

Warm Tips:
-Please allow slight errors due to manual measurement.
-The actual colour of the doormat may be slightly different from the picture due to the shooting light.
-Please make sure the mat is completely dry before use.
-Only use on dry floors, and make sure that the mat is completely dry before use.

Fangship Bathroom Rug Bath Mat Tiger Lying on a Big Branch in A

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