$28 RAYAIR SUPPLY 14x30 Respicaire CG MicroCLean 95 Air Cleaner Repl Home Kitchen Heating, Cooling Air Quality RAYAIR SUPPLY 14x30 Respicaire CG MicroCLean Repl Sales results No. 1 Air Cleaner 95 $28 RAYAIR SUPPLY 14x30 Respicaire CG MicroCLean 95 Air Cleaner Repl Home Kitchen Heating, Cooling Air Quality Repl,SUPPLY,RAYAIR,$28,Home Kitchen , Heating, Cooling Air Quality,MicroCLean,CG,Cleaner,/predelegate1372028.html,Air,95,wikicert.co.id,Respicaire,14x30 RAYAIR SUPPLY 14x30 Respicaire CG MicroCLean Repl Sales results No. 1 Air Cleaner 95 Repl,SUPPLY,RAYAIR,$28,Home Kitchen , Heating, Cooling Air Quality,MicroCLean,CG,Cleaner,/predelegate1372028.html,Air,95,wikicert.co.id,Respicaire,14x30

RAYAIR SUPPLY 14x30 Respicaire CG MicroCLean Repl Sales results No. 1 Air Cleaner 95 Courier shipping free shipping

RAYAIR SUPPLY 14x30 Respicaire CG MicroCLean 95 Air Cleaner Repl


RAYAIR SUPPLY 14x30 Respicaire CG MicroCLean 95 Air Cleaner Repl

Product description

Product Description:
This high quality compatible replacement media is for use in a: Respicaire MicroClean 95* 1" Air Cleaner
These air cleaners utilize polarized media technology enabling it to capture submicron respirable particles. This design provides for simpler filter media changes while still removing the smallest (submicron) particles. Based on average service conditions, approximately 3-4 months between filter cleaning has been shown to be effective in maintaining adequate ventilation flow.
The fiberglass media is manufactured from 100% recycled crushed glass known as “cullet." The continuous glass fiber manufacturing process eliminates the potential hazards of respirable fiberglass particles within the media pad. The diameter of each fiber is greater than 18 microns which is well above the 3.5 micron size that has been attributed to health concerns.
How does it work?
When particles such as dust, pet dander and household chemicals pass through the filter, they become polarized. These polarized particles join together to form bigger clusters that are more easily captured and collect on the fiberglass pad. The fiberglass media becomes polarized by the charge from the power supply and acts like a powerful magnet to attract sub-micron particles.
What is included?
Eight (4 Changes) fiberglass media pads per order.
Caution: Do not place order using the measurement of disposable fiberglass pad. Measure the outside frame or refer to filter label inside plastic channel. **See Picture**
*Registered trademark of air filter manufacture. The products advertised on this page are manufactured by RayAir Supply.

RAYAIR SUPPLY 14x30 Respicaire CG MicroCLean 95 Air Cleaner Repl

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