$21 YCY024G1M0AC American Standard/Trane OEM Thermostat Limit Switch Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical YCY024G1M0AC American Standard Trane OEM Limit Switch New life Thermostat Thermostat,Switch,$21,American,Limit,YCY024G1M0AC,/minimal991198.html,Standard/Trane,wikicert.co.id,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,OEM Thermostat,Switch,$21,American,Limit,YCY024G1M0AC,/minimal991198.html,Standard/Trane,wikicert.co.id,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,OEM $21 YCY024G1M0AC American Standard/Trane OEM Thermostat Limit Switch Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical YCY024G1M0AC American Standard Trane OEM Limit Switch New life Thermostat

YCY024G1M0AC American Standard Trane OEM Product Limit Switch New life Thermostat

YCY024G1M0AC American Standard/Trane OEM Thermostat Limit Switch


YCY024G1M0AC American Standard/Trane OEM Thermostat Limit Switch

Product description



  • Thermostat / Limit Switch
  • OPEN @ 170°, CLOSE @ 140° F

Replaces amp; Supersedes: THT1221 THT-1221 THT01221 THT2436 THT-2436 THT02436 X13541199020 L170F-30 1NT21L-5057 and others

Commonly Found in :


BRAND NEW / OEM American Standard / Trane Component...this is not a 10 year old , surplus item or repackaged part...this is a brand new OEM Component with Manufacturer Warranty. Additional American Standard amp; Trane Products Available

Note : Images are for illustration only. Actual item may vary.

YCY024G1M0AC American Standard/Trane OEM Thermostat Limit Switch

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