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The Lottery Bride (Full BW)


The Lottery Bride (Full BW)

Editorial Reviews

An enchanted operetta set in the remote Norwegian Alps, The Lottery Bride evokes the storybook romances of Ernst Lubitsch and Rouben Mamoulian. It weaves the tale of a young tavern hostess (Jeanette MacDonald) who finds herself torn between a young student (John Garrick), a dashing Italian aviator (Joseph Macaulay) and a rugged miner (Robert Chisholm). Through these complicated romantic maneuverings are woven a series of lively songs by Rudolf Friml and J. Kiern Brennan, including the rhapsodic "My Northern Lights." Spectacular visual effects devised by William Cameron Menzies (including a zeppelin crash in the arctic wasteland) and splashes of comedy by Joe E. Brown and Zasu Pitts help make The Lottery Bride a deliriously far-fetched melodrama that could only have emerged from the fearless early years of the Hollywood musical.

The Lottery Bride (Full BW)

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