$27 Pentagram Shelf - Large - Wall or Table Art Gothic Décor - Black Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Pentagram Shelf - Large Wall or In a popularity Black Gothic Table Art Décor Pentagram Shelf - Large Wall or In a popularity Black Gothic Table Art Décor /minimal717598.html,Shelf,Large,or,Pentagram,-,-,Gothic,Table,Black,wikicert.co.id,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Art,-,Décor,$27,Wall $27 Pentagram Shelf - Large - Wall or Table Art Gothic Décor - Black Home Kitchen Home Décor Products /minimal717598.html,Shelf,Large,or,Pentagram,-,-,Gothic,Table,Black,wikicert.co.id,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Art,-,Décor,$27,Wall

Pentagram Shelf - Large Wall or In a popularity We OFFer at cheap prices Black Gothic Table Art Décor

Pentagram Shelf - Large - Wall or Table Art Gothic Décor - Black


Pentagram Shelf - Large - Wall or Table Art Gothic Décor - Black

Product description

Are you looking for home decor that is bold and diverse?

Inspired by ancient cultures, our elegantly designed and expertly crafted Pentagram Shelf is a great way to add an exciting and different slant to any room in your house; gothic, zen, pagan, wiccan, celestial, boho, or spiritual. Perfect for storing healing crystals, essential oils, small gothic/altar objects or just for just adding extra flare to any room in your house.

Steeped in rich and intricate history, this shelf not only looks great but also has a unique story behind it—the deeper details of its history are revealed on the fact sheet received in every box. In addition to the card insert, a FREE Red Jasper gemstone will also be received with every purchase and will arrive in a beautifully textured felt bag.

Red Jasper is associated with energy, strength, stamina, grounding and can also be used in conjunction with Feng Shui to positively influence the energy of a room. A perfect gift for those who are curious and like something a bit different.

It comes with two mounting hooks already installed, making it extremely easy to hang, although can also be stood on a table as a standalone object.

Pentagram Shelf - Large - Wall or Table Art Gothic Décor - Black

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