GUHRING 9003010006200 Cobalt Micro-Precision Bright Fresno Mall Drill Finis Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Bright,Finis,Micro-Precision,$105,9003010006200,GUHRING,,Cobalt,/minimal1266598.html,Drill, Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Bright,Finis,Micro-Precision,$105,9003010006200,GUHRING,,Cobalt,/minimal1266598.html,Drill, $105 GUHRING 9003010006200 Cobalt Micro-Precision Drill, Bright Finis Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools GUHRING 9003010006200 Cobalt Micro-Precision Bright Fresno Mall Drill Finis $105 GUHRING 9003010006200 Cobalt Micro-Precision Drill, Bright Finis Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools

Long Beach Mall GUHRING 9003010006200 Cobalt Micro-Precision Bright Fresno Mall Drill Finis

GUHRING 9003010006200 Cobalt Micro-Precision Drill, Bright Finis


GUHRING 9003010006200 Cobalt Micro-Precision Drill, Bright Finis

Product description

Guhring cobalt micro drills are manufactured with high precision and tight tolerances (0/-0.004) for demanding small diameter drilling applications. These micro drills have an oversize common shank which provides added rigidity and increased surface area for fixturing the drill.

GUHRING 9003010006200 Cobalt Micro-Precision Drill, Bright Finis

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