Carlo Gavazzi RHS45BD Max 82% OFF Solid State Sink Heat Relay Contactor $116 Carlo Gavazzi RHS45BD Solid State Relay Contactor Heat Sink Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical State,Contactor,$116,Heat,RHS45BD,Carlo,Solid,Relay,,Sink,/minimal1255298.html,Gavazzi,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical $116 Carlo Gavazzi RHS45BD Solid State Relay Contactor Heat Sink Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical State,Contactor,$116,Heat,RHS45BD,Carlo,Solid,Relay,,Sink,/minimal1255298.html,Gavazzi,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical Carlo Gavazzi RHS45BD Max 82% OFF Solid State Sink Heat Relay Contactor

Carlo Gavazzi RHS45BD Max 82% OFF Solid State Sink Heat Relay Manufacturer direct delivery Contactor

Carlo Gavazzi RHS45BD Solid State Relay Contactor Heat Sink


Carlo Gavazzi RHS45BD Solid State Relay Contactor Heat Sink

Product description

Carlo Gavazzi RHS45BD Solid State Relay Contactor Heat SinkHeatsink assembly suitable for mounting of 1x 1-phase solid state relay (SSR). Suffix H5 added to SSR part no. refers to factory mounted heatsink. Conditions apply


  • BRAND: Carlo Gavazzi
  • STYLE: Solid State Relay Contactor
  • WIDTH INCHES: 1-7/9
  • DESCRIPTION: Solid Statactor Heat tactor Heat Sink

Carlo Gavazzi RHS45BD Solid State Relay Contactor Heat Sink

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