Fashionable Miller Lite 12" Blue Pub Beer Handle Style Tap /minimal1224498.html,Beer,Handle,,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Tap,12",Blue,Pub,$35,Lite,Style,Miller $35 Miller Lite 12" Blue Pub Style Beer Tap Handle Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Fashionable Miller Lite 12" Blue Pub Beer Handle Style Tap /minimal1224498.html,Beer,Handle,,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Tap,12",Blue,Pub,$35,Lite,Style,Miller $35 Miller Lite 12" Blue Pub Style Beer Tap Handle Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Fashionable Miller Lite 12

Miller Lite 12" Blue Pub Style Beer Tap Handle


Miller Lite 12" Blue Pub Style Beer Tap Handle

Product description

Miller Lite Beer Classic Tap Handle - 12 x 2 inch size... shows Logo on both sides. Will fit standard American beer taps of 3/8" and is ready for dispensing your favorite beverage. Lightly used - in Very Good shape with no dents, scratches or marks on handle. Top chrome piece and handle look very good+ ~ Please see pictures.

Miller Lite 12" Blue Pub Style Beer Tap Handle

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