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AINIYF European Fashionable Trash Lowest price challenge Cans Tras Can Be 67% OFF of fixed price Household Not

AINIYF European Fashionable Trash Cans Can Not Be Household Tras


AINIYF European Fashionable Trash Cans Can Not Be Household Tras

Product description


The wonderful pattern design is a great way to add color to your bed, ceiling, and wall.
Trash type: Storage bucket
Material: leather, PP stainless steel ring
Size: small diameter on the mouth 21.5 * 20.7cm, under the diameter of 17.5 * 17cm, 26cm high
Large diameter on the diameter of 25.5 * 24.5cm, under the diameter of 21 * 20.7cm, 32cm high
Applicable to the scene: home use
Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will response all your e-mails within 24 hours with friendly customer service.

AINIYF European Fashionable Trash Cans Can Not Be Household Tras

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