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AMYAL Mini Mesa Mall Fridge Small Refrigerator Mo Cooler Cool cheap Electric Box

AMYAL Mini Fridge Small Refrigerator Electric Cool Box Cooler Mo


AMYAL Mini Fridge Small Refrigerator Electric Cool Box Cooler Mo

Product description

Mini Fridge is just the right size, and it's convenient to carry in your room, and it's very convenient when you go out by car such as long-distance travel, office, picnic, car, party. Cold drinks are easy to get when you are out in the hot and humid summer.
Description This is the 15L portable 12V thermoelectric car cooling and warming portable fridge refrigerator. This 15L fridge can handle your diet problem with ease when you need to stay in your car for a long time. Now you No need more costly stops for food and drink during the long journey...

Flip top cover, convenient to put in or take out stuffs
Black sealing ring on the top cover, ensures good heat preservation capacity
Semiconductor refrigeration system, non-pollution, long life, low noise and consumption
Light weight and come with a strap, can be carried on the shoulder

100% brand new and high quality
Color: Orange
Red/Green lights indicate warming or cooling status
Uses advanced semiconductors to cool and warm up
Materials: Plastic + Metal
A Break Of Minimum 30 Minutes Is Required When Switching Between Cooling And Heating Functions
Is committed to providing our customers with the best products and quality services. We offer a peace of mind guarantee that targets 100% customer satisfaction.

AMYAL Mini Fridge Small Refrigerator Electric Cool Box Cooler Mo

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