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The Best of Friends John Lee Hooker


The Best of Friends John Lee Hooker

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The Hook's definitive duets album, remastered and expanded! Up and Down with Johnnie Johnson joins Boogie Chillen with Eric Clapton; The Healer with Carlos Santana; Dimples with Los Lobos; the Grammy-winning I'm in the Mood with Bonnie Raitt and Don't Look Back with Van Morrison, and more.

The premise behind this compilation is somewhat unusual: classic tracks, yes, but classic tracks recorded by John Lee Hooker... and friends. Charles Brown, Eric Clapton, Ry Cooder, Los Lobos, and Bonnie Raitt are only some of the performers who appear here, and the tracks, selected from recordings made by the prolific guitarist since 1988, show that Hooker hasn't lost his touch. Among the highlights, there's a smokin' duet with Raitt on "I'm in the Mood," a rendition of "Boom Boom" with a guest appearance from Jimmie Vaughan, and a reprise of Hooker's 1956 hit "Dimples" with Los Lobos backing up. Mention must also be made of the lone solo track on this CD, the acoustic "Tupelo," which hearkens to Hooker's Delta blues roots. There are also three previously unreleased tracks, which are probably the real reason to get this compilation. --Genevieve Williams

The Best of Friends John Lee Hooker

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