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Galapara BBQ Grill Portable Ranking TOP18 Steel Camping F Max 67% OFF Stainless

Galapara BBQ Grill, Portable Camping Grill Stainless Steel BBQ F


Galapara BBQ Grill, Portable Camping Grill Stainless Steel BBQ F

Product description

This portable grill is suitable for 3-5 people. Charcoal BBQ grill design, keeps your meat the most original flavor, meets your desire for smoky, grilled flavor, and smoking meats. It packs flat for convenient storage and travel and quickly unfolds faster than you can build a fire. This barbecue grill is perfect for camping, and picnics.

[Vent]Airflow can be easily controlled and heat will be evenly distributed throughout the barbecue grill with an air ventilation design of the grill.
[Easy to Install]Just open it and put four feet down and fold the legs and it is ready to go with the handle after use.
[Portable]This is a portable fire pit that fits in your backpack, making it easy to go from the campsite to the backyard BBQ in no time.
[High-quality]Made of durable stainless steel, Heat-resistant, scratch-resistant, not easy to deform, and rust.
[Easy to ]This outdoor folding campfire grill is very easy to use and , and you can take the barbecue anytime.

Color: Silver
Material: Stainless Steel
Style: Practical
Applicable number: 3-5 People
Application: BBQ
Occasion: Home, Backyard, Restaurant, Outdoor
Package Size: 44*30*7cm / 17.32*11.81*2.75inch
Package Weight: 2200g / 4.85lb

Package List:
1 * Folding Grill

Warning: Be sure to use it on a flat, sturdy surface or table.

Galapara BBQ Grill, Portable Camping Grill Stainless Steel BBQ F

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