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Morjava A1 EZCast Selling Mirascreen 5G TV Sti Streaming Limited time sale OTA Powerful

Morjava A1 EZCast A1 Mirascreen 5G Powerful Streaming OTA TV Sti


Morjava A1 EZCast A1 Mirascreen 5G Powerful Streaming OTA TV Sti

Product description


Ezcast 5G Best Smart tv stick Dongle Miracast HDMI Mirror2 TV Airplay DLNA for Android IOS Windows OS better than Android TV

Support:Airplay.Miracast,DLNA,Mac Mirror,Windows Mirror

Newest!!!!!!!!!!!EZCAST Pro 100% support IOS mirroring

1.Multi-Standard support: Miracast, DLNA, Airplay

2.Multi-Platform support: Windows MacOS PC/Notebook, Android phones/tablet,
For iOS iPad/iPhone

3.Can directly play local video/music, support mirroring

4.Cast Content: Video, photo, game, files

5.Extended cable with WiFi dongle to avoid big TV screen blocking wireless signal

6.Display Device: HDTV or projector with HDMI port

7.Simple installation; Easy handling and configuration - just follow the instructions
shown on the start screen on TV.

8.H.264 1080P full HD video decode, Resolution 1080p Full HD, can be switched to 720p
if your TV does not support.

9.Flexible power using TV standard USB port (no less than 400mA) or external USB power
supply (not included)

10.Firmware, APPs, PC software all are upgraded regularly,easy use.

CPU: AM8251
WiFi: 802.11 ac
Video Out: 1080p HDMI output
Power: DC 5V/1A,through USB port
LED: LED indication for power and WiFi status
Size: 2.66x1.06x0.4in
Weight: 0.55oz
Package Contents
1x Dongle
1x5G Wifi amp; USB power cable
1xQuick Guide

Compare Speed of 2.4G with 5G:

2.4G WiFi: At most 150Mbps

5G WiFi: At least 300Mbps

Working in the 5GHz band, anti-interference ability, wireless transmission faster
and more stable.

Morjava A1 EZCast A1 Mirascreen 5G Powerful Streaming OTA TV Sti

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