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The Grand Chef Vol. 2


The Grand Chef Vol. 2

Editorial Reviews

Are you hungry for more? This second helping of The Grand Chef begins with Sung-chan (Kim Rae Won, What Planet Are You From?, My Little Bride) and Min-woo (Won Gi Joon, Jumong) going head-to-head to see who can grill the best meat during Round 3 of the beef competition. But when Min-woo stumbles, Bong-joo (Kwon Oh Joong, Damo) is forced to take matters into his own hands.

With a hostile takeover bid by a famous Japanese restaurateur, Jin-soo (Nam Sang Mi, Time Between Dog amp; Wolf, Sweet Spy) finding out why Sung-chan left Unamjung, wedding proposals, a master kimchi maker with Alzheimer s, and a heart-stopping final cook-off, The Grand Chef Volume 2 has all the scrumptious ingredients for an exciting conclusion!

The Grand Chef Vol. 2

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