$40 200 PCs Galvanized Hex Head 1/4 x 2-1/2 Lag Bolts Wood Screws Me Industrial Scientific Fasteners /index.php/index/search/authors,Hex,Wood,PCs,Head,x,Lag,200,Galvanized,wikicert.co.id,$40,Me,Screws,Bolts,Industrial Scientific , Fasteners,1/4,2-1/2 200 PCs Galvanized Hex Head 1 4 x Screws 2-1 Lag Fixed price for sale Bolts Me Wood 2 /index.php/index/search/authors,Hex,Wood,PCs,Head,x,Lag,200,Galvanized,wikicert.co.id,$40,Me,Screws,Bolts,Industrial Scientific , Fasteners,1/4,2-1/2 $40 200 PCs Galvanized Hex Head 1/4 x 2-1/2 Lag Bolts Wood Screws Me Industrial Scientific Fasteners 200 PCs Galvanized Hex Head 1 4 x Screws 2-1 Lag Fixed price for sale Bolts Me Wood 2

200 PCs Galvanized Hex Head Challenge the lowest price of Japan 1 4 x Screws 2-1 Lag Fixed price for sale Bolts Me Wood 2

200 PCs Galvanized Hex Head 1/4 x 2-1/2 Lag Bolts Wood Screws Me


200 PCs Galvanized Hex Head 1/4 x 2-1/2 Lag Bolts Wood Screws Me

Product description


A variety of metric hardware allows you to buy bolt screw assortment, washers, screws, screws for wood, replacement parts, crib hardware or hex nut set which are available in a various styles and materials. In the catalog, you are offered assorted nut and bolt kit, plastic cap washers, screws for treated wood, metric fasteners of different standards, shapes, depending on the specifics of using models for screw set.

The metric hardware kits presented in the assortment find application in the spheres of construction of metal structures, in the construction industry, in mechanical engineering, in the field of repair and restoration works.

All nuts and bolts are made of corrosion-protected steel. Therefore, even when used in difficult conditions with high humidity are characterized by durability and reliability. All metric hardware assortment presented in the fastener store are in accordance with accepted norms and are approved for use.

The quality of bolt kit, star head screws, hex nuts driver organizers demonstrate considerable strength and high wear resistance. Flat Washers are able to withstand increased mechanical, vibration and thermal loads without changing the original characteristics, providing a strong attachment.

WE ARE CUSTOMER SERVICE ORIENTED COMPANY and wants to provide the best quality product, service and price possible.

200 PCs Galvanized Hex Head 1/4 x 2-1/2 Lag Bolts Wood Screws Me

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