$493 RAFI USA CONFIG SW BODY PUSHBUT NON-ILLUM 1.30276.6010000 (Pack Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical BODY,$493,/hysterocystic1254839.html,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,NON-ILLUM,1.30276.6010000,PUSHBUT,USA,wikicert.co.id,(Pack,SW,CONFIG,RAFI BODY,$493,/hysterocystic1254839.html,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,NON-ILLUM,1.30276.6010000,PUSHBUT,USA,wikicert.co.id,(Pack,SW,CONFIG,RAFI RAFI USA CONFIG SW BODY NON-ILLUM Pack Many popular brands 1.30276.6010000 PUSHBUT $493 RAFI USA CONFIG SW BODY PUSHBUT NON-ILLUM 1.30276.6010000 (Pack Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical RAFI USA CONFIG SW BODY NON-ILLUM Pack Many popular brands 1.30276.6010000 PUSHBUT

RAFI USA CONFIG Elegant SW BODY NON-ILLUM Pack Many popular brands 1.30276.6010000 PUSHBUT




Product description

Configurable Switch Body Pushbutton, Mushroom Non-Illuminated

Product Specification:

  • Category :- SwitchesConfigurable Switch Components - Body
  • Mfr :- RAFI USA
  • Series :- RAFIX 22 FS
  • Part Status :- Active
  • Requires :- Contact Block(s)
  • Type :- Maintained
  • Illumination :- Non-Illuminated
  • Actuator Type :- Pushbutton
  • Mushroom
  • (Select First
  • Then Apply Filters) Compatible Series :- Rafix 22 FS
  • Panel Cutout Dimensions :- 22.3mm (Round)


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