CIFE 205X280mm Pool Suction Vacuum Head Underwater Eco-Friendly Max 43% OFF $42 CIFE 205X280mm Pool Suction Head Underwater Eco-Friendly Vacuum Patio, Lawn Garden Pools, Hot Tubs Supplies Underwater,$42,,/heme1407034.html,Vacuum,205X280mm,CIFE,Suction,Patio, Lawn Garden , Pools, Hot Tubs Supplies,Head,Pool,Eco-Friendly CIFE 205X280mm Pool Suction Vacuum Head Underwater Eco-Friendly Max 43% OFF $42 CIFE 205X280mm Pool Suction Head Underwater Eco-Friendly Vacuum Patio, Lawn Garden Pools, Hot Tubs Supplies Underwater,$42,,/heme1407034.html,Vacuum,205X280mm,CIFE,Suction,Patio, Lawn Garden , Pools, Hot Tubs Supplies,Head,Pool,Eco-Friendly

CIFE 205X280mm Pool Opening large release sale Suction Vacuum Head Underwater Eco-Friendly Max 43% OFF

CIFE 205X280mm Pool Suction Head Underwater Eco-Friendly Vacuum


CIFE 205X280mm Pool Suction Head Underwater Eco-Friendly Vacuum

Product description

1. Spring lock: The handle is equipped with a spring lock for connecting standard extension rods. The vacuum port is suitable for 1½ and 1¼ inch standard vacuum hoses.
2. Triangular plastic body: The triangular plastic body can flexibly and accurately vacuum along the walls and corners to achieve a more thorough cleaning.
3. Anti-scratch: heavy objects keep the vacuum head at the bottom of the pool where it belongs. Rubber bumpers on both sides prevent scratches or scratches on the vinyl swimming pool lining.
4. Nylon bristles: The nylon bristles at the bottom are gentle on the pool floor, and they are particularly inclined, which can funnel dirt instead of pushing it around.
5. ABS plastic vacuum head: The vacuum head is molded from ABS plastic, which is durable and resistant to typical swimming pools. The width of the clean surface is 11 inches.

Triangular design, good cleaning effect.
Small and light, convenient and easy to use.
The plastic material does not hurt the pool body.
Durable and long service life.

1. Name: Swimming pool nozzle
2. Material: environmentally friendly PVC
3. Dimensions:
Handle diameter: about 28mm/1.10in
Net weight: about 0.45kg
Height: Approximately 205 mm/8.07 inches
Width: about 280 mm/11.02 inches

packing list:
1x pool nozzle

CIFE 205X280mm Pool Suction Head Underwater Eco-Friendly Vacuum

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