LSB-SHOWER Drone Accessories Pan-Tilt 2-axis Camera C Safety and trust PTZ Gimbal /flittern763649.html,$70,Electronics , Camera Photo,2-axis,Gimbal,Camera,C,Pan-Tilt,Drone,,Accessories,PTZ,LSB-SHOWER /flittern763649.html,$70,Electronics , Camera Photo,2-axis,Gimbal,Camera,C,Pan-Tilt,Drone,,Accessories,PTZ,LSB-SHOWER $70 LSB-SHOWER Drone Accessories Pan-Tilt 2-axis Camera Gimbal PTZ C Electronics Camera Photo LSB-SHOWER Drone Accessories Pan-Tilt 2-axis Camera C Safety and trust PTZ Gimbal $70 LSB-SHOWER Drone Accessories Pan-Tilt 2-axis Camera Gimbal PTZ C Electronics Camera Photo

LSB-SHOWER Drone Accessories Pan-Tilt 2-axis Camera C 40% OFF Cheap Sale Safety and trust PTZ Gimbal

LSB-SHOWER Drone Accessories Pan-Tilt 2-axis Camera Gimbal PTZ C


LSB-SHOWER Drone Accessories Pan-Tilt 2-axis Camera Gimbal PTZ C

Product description

100% brand new and high quality
- Pan-Tilt Compatible with Boscam HD19 Explorer HD Full HD 1080p FPV Camera Aerial Recorder ( without servo)
- Boscam Explorer HD is an compact sized HD camera, a high quality FPV camera while it's able to record your in flight aerial video/ aerial photography at affordable price!
- Model:HD19CT
- Servo:50g
- Recommend servo:9g (not included)
- Rotate angle:Horizontal:60 degree Vertical:180 degree
1 Set Pan-Tilt Parts ( without servo)
1x English manual
We are committed to ensuring total customer satisfaction. Any questions, Please contact with us Compatible with a satisfying solution.

LSB-SHOWER Drone Accessories Pan-Tilt 2-axis Camera Gimbal PTZ C



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