$23 YASEKING AC 220-440V Phase Sequence Protector,Mini 3-Phase Seq Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical $23 YASEKING AC 220-440V Phase Sequence Protector,Mini 3-Phase Seq Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical YASEKING AC 220-440V Phase 3-Phase Seq Regular dealer Protector,Mini Sequence /flittern1255349.html,Phase,Protector,Mini,3-Phase,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,220-440V,$23,YASEKING,Sequence,Seq,AC,wikicert.co.id /flittern1255349.html,Phase,Protector,Mini,3-Phase,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,220-440V,$23,YASEKING,Sequence,Seq,AC,wikicert.co.id YASEKING AC 220-440V Phase 3-Phase Seq Regular dealer Protector,Mini Sequence

YASEKING AC 220-440V Phase 3-Phase Seq Regular dealer Protector,Mini Sequence OFFicial

YASEKING AC 220-440V Phase Sequence Protector,Mini 3-Phase Seq


YASEKING AC 220-440V Phase Sequence Protector,Mini 3-Phase Seq

Product description

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Dynamic phase loss, static phase loss protection: refers to the phase failure of any phase when the protected device is in the running state or non-operating state. The indicator light is in the form of red light and priority.

Wrong phase protection: A protection measure to prevent the phase sequence of L1, L2, L3 three-phase AC power supply from being connected incorrectly. Instant action. The indicator light is in the form of yellow light.

Voltage Unbalance Protection: Refers to a voltage imbalance that will affect the safe operation of the device. When the voltage imbalance rate is higher than 8%. The form of the indicator light is: the lack of phase red light is on, and priority.

Delay protection: When there is a fault, the monitor will delay after 1~2 seconds, and the relay will release. The protection function of the monitor is not affected by the current of the line or load, the inrush current, the unbalanced current and the nature of the load. Long-term work with full and full climate. Power consumption is no more than 2W. There is no requirement for motor wiring when used for motor protection. This product complies with GB/T 14048.1-2000, GB14048.5-2001 eqv IEC60947-1:1999. The EMC of this product complies with the measurement method and permissible value of radio interference characteristics of GB4343-1995. Three-phase voltage imbalance protection, static phase loss protection, reverse phase protection, lightning protection, and surge resistance.


Model: TG30S

Voltage: 220-440V AC

Meet the standard: GB/T 14048.1-2000, GB14048.5-2001 eqv IEC60947-1:199

Package list:

1 * Phase Sequence Protector

YASEKING AC 220-440V Phase Sequence Protector,Mini 3-Phase Seq



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