$66 YYC Tablet 8 Inch HD Touchscreen,Android 6.0 Tablet, 16GB ROM/64 Electronics Computers Accessories wikicert.co.id,HD,Inch,YYC,/features/sustainability-in-a-wireless-world,Tablet,16GB,$66,6.0,Touchscreen,Android,Tablet,,ROM/64,8,Electronics , Computers Accessories YYC Tablet 8 Inch HD Touchscreen 64 Android 6.0 ROM 16GB Selling $66 YYC Tablet 8 Inch HD Touchscreen,Android 6.0 Tablet, 16GB ROM/64 Electronics Computers Accessories wikicert.co.id,HD,Inch,YYC,/features/sustainability-in-a-wireless-world,Tablet,16GB,$66,6.0,Touchscreen,Android,Tablet,,ROM/64,8,Electronics , Computers Accessories YYC Tablet 8 Inch HD Touchscreen 64 Android 6.0 ROM 16GB Selling

YYC Tablet 8 Inch HD Touchscreen Cheap 64 Android 6.0 ROM 16GB Selling

YYC Tablet 8 Inch HD Touchscreen,Android 6.0 Tablet, 16GB ROM/64


YYC Tablet 8 Inch HD Touchscreen,Android 6.0 Tablet, 16GB ROM/64

Product description


The high-performance tablet is light in weight, and the quad-core processor can provide a smooth multimedia experience.
8-inch portable design, 1280*800 IPS screen has scratch resistance and light transmittance, higher definition, and more sensitive to touch.
Can support WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, FM and other functions. You can watch movies, read e-books or use Google Maps outdoors. Make your day full of joy and convenience.

Name: Tablet PC

Material: metal

Color: green, gold, silver, purple, black

Screen size: 8inch

Resolution: 1280×800

System: Android 6.0

Processor core: quad-core

Battery: 4000mAh

Card slot: dual card dual standby

Memory: 1GB RAM+16GB ROM

Camera: dual camera (2MP5MP)

Frequency: 2G: GSM 850 / 900/1800/1900 WCDMA: 850/2100
3G: WCDMA2100 850 2100

Function: GPS + FM + wifi + Bluetooth + Internet access

Weight: 700G

Quantity: 1 piece

The package contains:
Tablet PC*1
Manual *1
Charger + data cable*1
OTG line*1

1. The product picture may have a little color difference due to the light or shooting angle. The actual product shall prevail.
2. If you have any questions about receiving the goods, please contact us in time, and we will give you a satisfactory answer within 24 hours.

YYC Tablet 8 Inch HD Touchscreen,Android 6.0 Tablet, 16GB ROM/64

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