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Edger Lawn Tool Grass Cordless Our shop most Bargain sale popular Trimmers Electric Trimmer

Edger Lawn Tool Grass Trimmers Cordless Electric Grass Trimmer,


Edger Lawn Tool Grass Trimmers Cordless Electric Grass Trimmer,

Product description

The electric cordless lawn mower with 21V lithium battery powered, no need to insert a board, pure copper motor, length adjustable, rotating head, noise reduction design, dual control switch, alloy saw blade.
I believe this cordless grass trimmer will be the best assistant for setting up a perfect and tidy garden!
Name: Cordless Electric Grass Trimmer
Material: Aluminum + Plastic
Battery: 21V Lithium Battery
Power: 650W
No-load speed: 18000 rpm
Working time: 2~3 hours
Charging time: 1~2 hours
Product Length: 35.4-47.2 inch/90-120cm
Weight: 1.2KG
●The cordless grass trimmer delivers superior performance via a 650W Brushless Motor powered by 2Ah battery. It recharges fast and comes with an extra battery, so there's basically no downtime in your weed massacring sessions.
●The grass trimmer handle adjusts to your height/angle preference, the head can be turned 90 degrees to get edges, which can be adjusted freely from 90cm to 120cm.
●The cordless string trimmer/edger : lightweight which is good on the arms, and the best for light use and store, smaller, simple spaces; it can be placed in the corner when not in use, or in the trunk of your car.
●Replaceable Blades : The lawn mower is equipped with 3 kinds of blades, PVC blades are suitable for mowing soft grass, metal blades are suitable for mowing lawns, weeds and small shrubs, round alloy blade are suitable Pruning thicker shrub branches.
●Low noise design for quiet operation, Ideal for Use in Residential Areas. Suitable for trimming lawns,pruning courtyards, pastoral grass, parks, villas, small shrubs, etc.
?Package Included:
1x Electric Lawn Mower
2x batteries
1x charger
5x plastic cutter head
2x alloy cutter head
2x alloy saw blade/1x alloy saw blade
1x goggles

Edger Lawn Tool Grass Trimmers Cordless Electric Grass Trimmer,

Plants of the Season

Spruce up your garden with some of these seasonal selections from the Plant Library.

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