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New sales Best Selling of Gospel Country

Best of Country Gospel


Best of Country Gospel

Editorial Reviews

01. Peace In The Valley - Boxcar Willie 02. What A Friend We Have In Jesus - Holly Dunn 03. A Wonderful Time Up There - Jack Greene 04. Old Time Religion - Jeanne Pruett 05. What Would You Do If Jesus Came To Your House - Porter Wagoner 06. In The Shelter Of His Arms - The Oak Ridge Boys 07. He Will Save Your Soul - Wilma Lee Cooper 08. I Saw The Light - Boxcar Willie 09. Oh Happy Day - Jack Greene 10. On The Wings Of An Angel - Holly Dunn 11. Uncloudy Day - Jeanne Pruett 12. On The Wings Of A Dove - Ferlin Husky 01. I'll Wake Up on the Other Sides - The Oak Ridge Boys 02. Why Me - Jack Greene 03. Dear Jesus, Abide With Me - The Oak Ridge Boys 04. Walking My Lord Up Calvary Hill - Wilma Lee Cooper 05. I'll Fly Away - Tommy Overstreet 06. Heaven - Boxcar Willie 07. Turn Your Radio On - The Singing Gospelaires (Artist Re-Recording) 08. Put Your Hand in the Hand - Sandy Posey 09. You Don't Need to Move a Mountain - Jeanne Pruett 10. When I Lay My Burdens Down - The Oak Ridge Boys 11. Are You Walking and Talking for the Lord - Wilma Lee Cooper 12. The Cristian Way - The Oak Ridge Boys 01. He Touched Me - The Singing Gospelaires 02. Life's Railway To Heaven - Patsy Cline (Original Artist) 03. Amazing Grace - Johnny Paycheck (Artist Re-Recording) 04. Great Speckled Bird - Mac Wiseman (Artist Re-Recording) 05. JOSHUA FOUGHT THE BATTLE OF JERICHO - Tommy Overstreet 06. You Can't Be A Beacon (If Your Light Don't Shine) - Wilma Burgess (Artist Re-Recording) 07. HE'S GOT THE WHOLE WORLD IN HIS HANDS - Tommy Overstreet 08. When God Dips His Love In My Heart - Mac Wiseman (Artist Re-Recording) 09. Softly and Tenderly - Tommy Overstreet 10. Just a Closer Walk With Thee - Tommy Overstreet 11. His Hand In Mine - The Singing Gospelaires 12. People Get Ready - Tommy

Best of Country Gospel

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