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YOCASA Our shop most popular Cute Chair Cushions for Dining 2 Chairs Set Cookies New sales of Sh

YOCASA Cute Chair Cushions for Dining Chairs,Set of 2 Cookies Sh


YOCASA Cute Chair Cushions for Dining Chairs,Set of 2 Cookies Sh

Product description

Decor Your Space For All The season! This Cookies Inspired Floor Pillow Is Fun,Functional And Gorgeous In Any decor! Perfect And Very Beautiful Serene Addition To Your Home Interiors.


- Soft,Comfortable And Breathable,Great Deco Perfect For Home Office.perfect Quilting For The Feeling Of Sitting On A Cloud.plus It Can Serve You For A Long Time.it Is Perfect For Any Seat,Office Chair,Dining Chair,Patio Chair,Kitchen Chair,Wheelchair,Car Or Truck Seat,Etc.

- Safe.no Odors,Not-Faded.

- You Deserve To Have The Soft Comfortable Seat Cushion To Enjoy A Good Day After Hard Work.it Is Also A Perfect Gift For Christmas,New Year And Birthday.


- Material:Short Plush And Polyester Fiber

please Note:
1.please Allow 1-2cm Differences Due To Manual Measurement.
2.due To The Light And Screen Difference,The Item's Color May Be Slightly Different From The Pictures.

what's In The box?
- 1 X Seat Cushion

YOCASA Cute Chair Cushions for Dining Chairs,Set of 2 Cookies Sh

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