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Ponabe 40% OFF Cheap Sale 6 Pack Solar Mole Repellent Son 40% OFF Cheap Sale Outdoor Rodent

Ponabe 6 Pack Solar Mole Repellent, Outdoor Rodent Repellent,Son


Ponabe 6 Pack Solar Mole Repellent, Outdoor Rodent Repellent,Son

Product description

Keep Vole out of Your Yard
Moles and gophers are virtually blind and extremely sensitive to sound and sonic pulses. This solar mole repellent repels underground rodents by emitting a penetrating sound which is irritating to moles and gophers, forces them to leave the property. The sonic waves continue to discourage return visits.
It can be used as gopher repellent, vole repellent, electronic mouse repeller,rodent repellent ultrasonic,mole repeller solar powered.

Product Feature:
◆High effective solar charge, 8-hours solar charge lasts for 3-4 days.
◆Suitable for a wide range of pests and animals outdoor.
◆Humane for rodents, Safe for human pets.
◆Waterproof and Durable.
◆Easy to mount with a wide effective range.

1, Place the repeller close to the main tunnel or mounds.
2, Connect the plastic spikes to the solar top head.
3, It’s better to charge first for one day, then insert it into the soil, keep 2 inches above the soil.
4, Please allow 2 weeks before the rodents leaves.

What's Included:
6 × Mole Repellents
6× Plastic Spikes
1 × Instruction manual

Ponabe 6 Pack Solar Mole Repellent, Outdoor Rodent Repellent,Son


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