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Ergonomic Chair Mid Back Mesh Office Desk We OFFer at All stores are sold cheap prices Adjustable Des

Ergonomic Chair, Mid Back Mesh Desk Chair, Adjustable Office Des


Ergonomic Chair, Mid Back Mesh Desk Chair, Adjustable Office Des

Product description

Compared with ordinary home chair, this one boasts its five-star feet, which makes it stand more stably. Made of high-grade nylon construction and mesh fabric material, this chair ensures excellent durability and hardness, uneasy to break. Thanks to its ergonomic treatment, it brings not only extreme comfort but also good breathability. The chair is great for office workers, students, teachers, businessmen etc.


1. Soft and comfortable cushion with ergonomic design

2. With five-star feet design, it stands more stably

3. Elegant look, high quality and with up to 264lbs bearing

4. Ideal for businessmen, teachers, workers and students and so on

5. It provides armrest to bring extra comfort to you


1. Material: Mesh amp; Spoonge amp; Metal Five-Star Foot

2. Color: Black

3. Seat Dimensions: (18.11 x 16.93)" / (46 x 43)cm (L x W)

4. Backrest Dimensions: (16.54 x 14.57)" / (42 x 37)cm (L x W)

5. Armrest Width: 24.8" / 63cm

6. Adjustable Height: (31.89-35.83)" / (81-91)cm

7. Five-Star Foot Diameter: 21.65" / 55cm

8. Weight: 15lbs / 6.8kg

Package Includes:

1 x Office Chair (Need to Assemble)

Ergonomic Chair, Mid Back Mesh Desk Chair, Adjustable Office Des



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