$375,Industrial,/discomforting991204.html,Metal,wikicert.co.id,Shelf,and,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Bookcase,Bookshelf,,Bookcase,5,W,CLYZ $375 CLYZ Bookcase Bookshelf, Industrial 5 Shelf Bookcase Metal and W Home Kitchen Furniture $375 CLYZ Bookcase Bookshelf, Industrial 5 Shelf Bookcase Metal and W Home Kitchen Furniture CLYZ Bookcase Ranking TOP9 Bookshelf Industrial 5 and Shelf W Metal CLYZ Bookcase Ranking TOP9 Bookshelf Industrial 5 and Shelf W Metal $375,Industrial,/discomforting991204.html,Metal,wikicert.co.id,Shelf,and,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Bookcase,Bookshelf,,Bookcase,5,W,CLYZ

CLYZ Bookcase Ranking Superlatite TOP9 Bookshelf Industrial 5 and Shelf W Metal

CLYZ Bookcase Bookshelf, Industrial 5 Shelf Bookcase Metal and W


CLYZ Bookcase Bookshelf, Industrial 5 Shelf Bookcase Metal and W

Product description

-Color: Black + Brown-Assembly:Needed-Material: Wooden, Steel Frame-Dimension: 5 Tiers -- 80.3 x 30 x 180cm/31.6 x 11.8 x 70.9inch-Each Layer Height: 34cm/13.4inch-Each shelf can accommodate up to 75 lbs.√ All accessories and detailed instruction are included. Only need about 30 minutes to assemble it well.

5-tier Wooden Bookcase Book Shelves Organizer Display Shelf in practical open shelves design maximizes the open space feel, provides plenty of space for your decorating needs design.
1. Solid build of selected particle boards and iron brackets ensure overall sturdiness of this tall bookcase.
2. Heavy metal frame with X-frame backing and metal support tube under each shelves enhance the construction of this shelving unit.
3. Adjustable leg pad in the bottom prevent wobbling from uneven floor.
4. Additional wall anti-tip Kit provided for you to secure the shelf to the wall if needed.
1 x Book Shelf 1 x Screw Bag1 x User Instruction Manual

CLYZ Bookcase Bookshelf, Industrial 5 Shelf Bookcase Metal and W



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