$28 WeldingStop Plasma Consumables Kit for Primeweld CUT50 CUT50DP C Tools Home Improvement Welding Soldering wikicert.co.id,C,Kit,/discomforting1371904.html,Tools Home Improvement , Welding Soldering,CUT50,CUT50DP,Primeweld,for,Plasma,WeldingStop,$28,Consumables $28 WeldingStop Plasma Consumables Kit for Primeweld CUT50 CUT50DP C Tools Home Improvement Welding Soldering WeldingStop Plasma Consumables Ranking TOP4 Kit for CUT50DP Primeweld CUT50 C WeldingStop Plasma Consumables Ranking TOP4 Kit for CUT50DP Primeweld CUT50 C wikicert.co.id,C,Kit,/discomforting1371904.html,Tools Home Improvement , Welding Soldering,CUT50,CUT50DP,Primeweld,for,Plasma,WeldingStop,$28,Consumables

WeldingStop Plasma Consumables Ranking TOP4 Kit for CUT50DP Primeweld New York Mall CUT50 C

WeldingStop Plasma Consumables Kit for Primeweld CUT50 CUT50DP C


WeldingStop Plasma Consumables Kit for Primeweld CUT50 CUT50DP C

Product Description

More Details:

Includes: 10 Nozzles, 10 Electrodes, 10 Shield Cups(Slotted)

Tip Diameter is 1.0mm in Metric or 0.039'' in inch

These consumables are only for: WSPRIMEWELD CUT50, CUT50DP, CT520D, CT520DP Cutter AG-60 Plasma Torch

Consumables are made of high quality by WS, not original

30pcs consumables for WSPrimeWeld plasma cutter cut50, cut50dp, ct520 and ct520dp

Please use only these consumables with WSPrimeWeld machines

Package Including:

10pcs x Plasma Electrode (WSP-04010)

10pcs x Plasma Tip (WSP-04012)

10pcs x Plasma Shield Cap(Slotted) (WSP-04006)

WeldingStop Plasma Consumables Kit for Primeweld CUT50 CUT50DP C



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