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6 The It is very Very popular popular Lanny Morgan Sextet

6 The Lanny Morgan Sextet


6 The Lanny Morgan Sextet

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Alto saxophonist Lanny Morgan has released the recording he s been promising himself for years. An old master with a new sextet named 6. The CD, also titled 6, documents several of many Morgan-penned originals. Others of his tunes were recorded earlier in small group settings, but never before presented by the recently established 6. The decision was made to go for it before I get any older, he said of the sextet, his favorite size group for writing and performing. So just before his 75th birthday (March 30), the old master and his five old friends played the CD contents live at the first annual conference of the California Alliance For Jazz (CAJ), releasing the fresh-off-the-presses copies of 6 at the same time. Completing the group are Bob Summers (trumpet), Doug Webb (tenor sax), Tom Ranier (piano), Chuck Berghofer (bass) and Steve Schaeffer (drums), fellow old masters -- some older than others, but all masters in their own right. The complete book of Morgan originals includes the popular and often recorded Friends Again. While not appearing on 6, it s worth mentioning both for its familiarity and first-ness. The tune debuted on his quintet album titled It s About Time, along with the title tune It s About Time, Acapulco Hot and Bagatelle, which is on the current CD. The 1981 Palo Alto Records project (PAJ 007) was the first-ever label-backed recording bearing his name as leader. It was produced by the legendary Dr. Herb Wong. History: In Morgan's own words, I moved to NYC in March 1960 to join Maynard Ferguson s band and played with his band and sextet until he left New York in 1966. I played with many people during my nine years in NYC, including a two-year stint with jazz legend Howard McGhee s big band, of which Steve Schaeffer was also a member. New York had such an exciting and vital jazz scene in the 60s, and I was privileged to play a small part in it. I was around so much great music during those years, and I tried to absorb it all. I hope some of it shows a little in these tunes. Morgan s signature sound has endured from his early years with Maynard Ferguson through decades of prominence with other bands and as leader of his own small groups, with everyone notable in the recent history of jazz Supersax, Bill Holman, Frank Capp s Juggernaut, to name a few. A significant endorsement of his earned respect was the prestigious guest spot in a 2004 program titled Bird Lives, a tribute to revered alto saxman Charlie Parker. Since the 60s, his career has spanned an A-Z list of involvement with everyone notable in the recent history of jazz Supersax, Bill Holman, Frank Capp s Juggernaut, to name a few. A significant endorsement of his earned respect was the prestigious guest spot in a 2004 program titled Bird Lives, a tribute to revered alto sax. Final note: The old master is not something Morgan made up for the purposes of this news release. It s actually a moniker attributed to him by a jazz critic (Hong Kong Press) on the release It s About Time. The review was titled Morgan the Masterful, and he wasn t that old at the time, but maybe the reviewer was fooled by his prematurely gray hair.


One of the masters of bebop ad a superb musician whether heard in a combo or with Bill Holman's orchestra, altoist Lanny Morgan has been one of Los Angeles' top jazz players for decades. He regards "6" as his dream date for it gives him an opportunity to play his originals with a sextet. The group consists of Morgan, trumpeter Bob Summers, tenor-saxophonist Doug Webb, pianist Tom Ranier, bassist Chuck Berghofer and drummer Steve Schaeffer, quite an all-star band. The leader contributed seven originals, six of which date from the 1960s and all of which deserve wider exposure. ... The music swings hard, Lanny Morgan and the other musicians show that they are masters of the bebop vocabulary, and there are many exciting moments to be heard throughout this fun set. "6" is easily recommended. --Scott Yanow, L.A. Jazz Scene

I am the proud owner of every CD Lanny's made as a leader. Lanny is as powerful a player today as he has ever been! I think too much is made of his bebop connection. Sure he can do Donna Lee as good or better than anyone else out there. But when you look at his body of recorded work, aside from his Parker specific album,you will find that most of it comes from the Great American Songbook, mixed with many other great modern jazz tunes. Between the Races on this album is a great example. It was written by Chuck Mangione for The Jazz Messengers. I own the original vinyl, and I gotta tell ya, Lanny's version is the better of the two. This is an album I highly recommend. Absolutely brilliant. --Robert Rutkas, CD Baby

Without a doubt, 6 is one of the best Lanny Morgan albums ever. Starting on the run with Minor March, establishing all three horns in a brilliant opening, the rhythm section sets a recurring theme that frames every chorus. That rhythm section is a fine example of a group of guys who had all played in New York in the most influential years, the 60s and 70s, playing music that is from the edge of the Pacific Ocean. That rhythm section then supports the finest unison playing heard in a long time. 213 Ocean Front is not an area code but an address where they used to hang at Venice Beach. On this cut you can see the brilliance in choosing these particular players. Doug Webb shines on his chorus as does Tom Ranier. Tom is one of the most in demand pianists in Los Angeles. Slowing it down a bit we come to Little Folks, written when Lanny s children were 4 amp;2. A fine tribute to the innocence of childhood and a Jazz waltz in the finest tradition is a great showcase for Tom Ranier. Between Races, a piece written by Chuck Mangione, was recorded by the Maynard Ferguson sextet while Lanny was a member and so impressed Lanny that he included it on this first sextet recording. While Between Races was as East Coast as it gets, so Rollin epitomizes the West Coast sound. Chuck Berghofer gets his licks in the epitome of a cruisin song. Quick, quick get ye to Pacific Coast Highway crank it up and head to Malibu. Fine day for PCH and an inspired Jazz set. Lanny explains that Polecat is another word for skunk in Iowa, where he comes from. Enough said. The music is still great. Great horn section harmonies, great arrangements with a section that could and has been in the greatest sections in some of the greatest bands of the land. Tom Ranier amp; Bob Summers with Doug Webb take care of business. Opening with hi-hat and bass, Bird Song a Thad Jones composition, was taken off a J.J.Johnson recording that Lanny heard and fell head over ears in love with. Everyone kicks ass on this and I am sure glad it is on here. Greats paying tribute to greats is always fun. I have the album on which Lanny first recorded Bagatelle. Recorded with his quintet, the arrangement was written originally for a sextet. Well thirty years later we get this gem again. Lanny blows on this and proves once again he is the king of that Mark 6. Blazing speed from all players and as always perfect time from Steve Schaeffer is right on. The title of Pail Blues was just a play on words but all the players legitimize the song as a contender for HOT, HOT song of this album. So this album has taken us from east to west with a stop maybe in Kansas City. It s amazing how we always go back to the traditional. Idyllwild Camp Parade is as traditional as it gets. So we get to hear how these players sound getting back to their roots in their first chorus; then we hear their styles developed over 30, 40 or 50 years on the traditional model. What we get is a history of Jazz in 6 minutes. Well 6 is the most enjoyable album to listen to and the sophistication of the arrangements by Lanny Morgan played by the perfect musicians for this music makes us want more. The word is there is another sextet CD in the works plus an album with a guitar player containing some Bossa Nova tunes. BeBoppers doing Bossa Nova is the best. So till next time remember Support Jazz it is an American Tradition. --Phil McCarthy, The Jazz Connection

6 The Lanny Morgan Sextet



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