Sylvania SBT129-PINK Sports Style Pink Bluetooth SALENEW very popular! Headphones $10 Sylvania SBT129-PINK Sports Style Bluetooth Headphones (Pink) Electronics Headphones (Pink),Headphones,SBT129-PINK,$10,Sports,Style,Sylvania,Electronics , Headphones,/defense-mechanisms/,,Bluetooth Sylvania SBT129-PINK Sports Style Pink Bluetooth SALENEW very popular! Headphones (Pink),Headphones,SBT129-PINK,$10,Sports,Style,Sylvania,Electronics , Headphones,/defense-mechanisms/,,Bluetooth $10 Sylvania SBT129-PINK Sports Style Bluetooth Headphones (Pink) Electronics Headphones

Sylvania SBT129-PINK Sports Style Pink Bluetooth SALENEW very SEAL limited product popular Headphones

Sylvania SBT129-PINK Sports Style Bluetooth Headphones (Pink)


Sylvania SBT129-PINK Sports Style Bluetooth Headphones (Pink)

Product description


When you hear the Sylvania name, immediately you think of quality built, affordable electronics. Well the folks at Sylvania are at it again. Introducing the Sbt129, wireless Bluetooth fitness headphones! have you ever been on a walk or run or been in your local gym and you see someone wearing a cool pair of headphones? you can be that person! Sylvania is introducing a Bluetooth “sport” headphone with up to 3 hours of play time and up to 200 hours of standby time. Pick your favorite color. Pink, Blue or white. Or just buy all 3 because we all know how often we misplace Our headphones! the charging time is quick and the fit and finish is amazing. So go on, lace up those sneakers, fire up these headphones and Finally enjoy your next workout. All from the makers at Sylvania, the leader in portable Bluetooth headphones.

Sylvania SBT129-PINK Sports Style Bluetooth Headphones (Pink)

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