Pattern,Cover,Size,$55,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Sof,/correctrice856668.html,King,Floral,Flower,Bird,Duvet,mixinni,Set, $55 mixinni Floral Duvet Cover Set King Size Bird Flower Pattern Sof Home Kitchen Bedding $55 mixinni Floral Duvet Cover Set King Size Bird Flower Pattern Sof Home Kitchen Bedding mixinni Floral Duvet Cover Set King Flower Bird Pattern Max 63% OFF Sof Size Pattern,Cover,Size,$55,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Sof,/correctrice856668.html,King,Floral,Flower,Bird,Duvet,mixinni,Set, mixinni Floral Duvet Cover Set King Flower Bird Pattern Max 63% OFF Sof Size

mixinni quality assurance Floral Duvet Cover Set King Flower Bird Pattern Max 63% OFF Sof Size

mixinni Floral Duvet Cover Set King Size Bird Flower Pattern Sof


mixinni Floral Duvet Cover Set King Size Bird Flower Pattern Sof

Product Description

What Is a Duvet Cover Set?

A duvet cover is a cover for duvet. The duvet cover protects duvet during use. As cozy and warm as a comforter, but more lightweight and easier to maintain, great for people who like to switch up their bedding frequently.

We believe that so much of life—well-being, productivity, feeling good—relies on a good night sleep. If your bed is a place you love it’s easier to get a good night’s rest. We genuinely hope that our Flowersamp;Birds Pattern Bedding Duvet Cover Set can help you get to bed early, to wake up refreshed, and to enjoy those everyday moments.

Your Satisfaction-Our Pursuit!

Add classic and elegance to your bedroom with a yellow duvet cover set that comes in flowers pattern, offering you an elegant feeling!

floral duvet cover queen

Product Description

Unique Design

  • Style-- Luxury and Elegant Flowers Birds Pattern Printed 3pcs Duvet Cover Set
  • Material--100% Cotton
  • Suitable Season--All the Season

Size Information

  • Full/Queen Size--1*Duvet Cover(90 *90 Inch) + 2 Pillowcase (20 *26 Inch)
  • King Size--1*Duvet Cover(104 *90 Inch) + 2 Pillowcase (20 *36 Inch)

Care Instruction

  • Machine wash separately in cold water, tumble dry low

Size Information

Floral Birds Duvet Cover Set

Ultra Soft Cotton

Cotton is the most commonly used material for duvet cover set, and is an easy-to-maintain fabric that is soft and comfortable. If you’re looking for a no-fuss, low-maintenance material, cotton is your best bet.

Why Choose Our Duvet Cover Set?

flowers pattern duvet cover set

About Our Store

We are professional in making all kinds of Bedding Sets amp; Collections,such as Quilt Sets,Duvet Cover Sets, bedspread-sets,comforter-sets, blankets and so on, welcome to our store, there are more options waiting for you!

mixinni Floral Duvet Cover Set King Size Bird Flower Pattern Sof



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