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Complete Capitol Christmas Direct store San Francisco Mall Recordings

Complete Capitol Christmas Recordings


Complete Capitol Christmas Recordings

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The statistics concerning Glen Campbell s career are staggering. Over 50-plus years in the music business, he has sold over 45 million records (and that s not counting the tens of millions more he played on as part of the Wrecking Crew), accumulated 12 Gold albums, 4 Platinum albums and one Double Platinum album, and placed over 80 different songs on the Country, Pop and Adult Contemporary charts including such iconic recordings as Gentle on My Mind, By the Time I Get to Phoenix, Wichita Lineman, and Rhinestone Cowboy. Yet, among his massive body of work, it is his Christmas recordings that might just be his most beloved. Glen s easygoing, conversational way with a song and winning personality as seen by millions on CBS TV s The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour made him the perfect vehicle for Yuletide material both old and new, and thus his 1968 album That Christmas Feeling went to #1 on the Christmas charts and hit the charts three other times after that! But Glen (and his label, Capitol) weren t done with seasonal fare; three more Christmas albums were issued under Glen s name, each of which sprinkled new tracks in with songs taken from That Christmas Feeling. Now, for the first time ever, ALL of Glen s Christmas recordings for the Capitol label have been gathered into one place on this Real Gone release, which includes the original 11 tracks from That Christmas Feeling plus seven more Christmas rarities for a total of 18 irresistible holiday favorites. Remastered by Mike Milchner at SonicVision, and featuring liner notes by Joe Marchese festooned with rare photos, Glen Campbell: Complete Capitol Christmas Recordings will remind you of just how great an interpreter of songs Glen was, and of just how vibrant a performer he was, too. The man s spirit and legacy remain undimmed.

Complete Capitol Christmas Recordings



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