Terminals RECPT 6.35 x 0.81 mm - Pac Free shipping anywhere in the nation Reel 5-160432-4 7000 of $911 Terminals RECPT 6.35 x 0.81 mm Reel of 7000, (5-160432-4) - (Pac Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical x,mm,0.81,Terminals,6.35,wikicert.co.id,RECPT,of,(Pac,Reel,-,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,7000,,(5-160432-4),$911,/correctrice717468.html Terminals RECPT 6.35 x 0.81 mm - Pac Free shipping anywhere in the nation Reel 5-160432-4 7000 of x,mm,0.81,Terminals,6.35,wikicert.co.id,RECPT,of,(Pac,Reel,-,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,7000,,(5-160432-4),$911,/correctrice717468.html $911 Terminals RECPT 6.35 x 0.81 mm Reel of 7000, (5-160432-4) - (Pac Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical

Terminals RECPT 6.35 x 0.81 mm - Pac Free Regular store shipping anywhere in the nation Reel 5-160432-4 7000 of

Terminals RECPT 6.35 x 0.81 mm Reel of 7000, (5-160432-4) - (Pac


Terminals RECPT 6.35 x 0.81 mm Reel of 7000, (5-160432-4) - (Pac

Product description

Specification :

  • Manufacturer : TE Connectivity
  • Product Category : Terminals
  • RoHS : Y
  • Product : Quick Disconnects
  • Wire Gauge : 20 AWG - 15 AWG
  • Termination Style : Crimp
  • Gender : Female
  • Insulation : Not Insulated
  • Contact Plating : Tin
  • Contact Material : Brass
  • Series : 250 FASTON
  • Tradename : FASTON
  • Packaging : Reel
  • Length : 19 mm
  • Material : Brass
  • Width : 7.6 mm
  • Brand : TE Connectivity / AMP
  • Product Type : Terminals
  • Subcategory : Terminals
  • Part # Aliases : 5-160432-4
  • Unit Weight : 0.037320 oz

Terminals RECPT 6.35 x 0.81 mm Reel of 7000, (5-160432-4) - (Pac



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