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MANQIAN 1080P Max 89% OFF New sales Webcam with Privacy Cover Dual Microphones Stereo

MANQIAN 1080P Webcam with Privacy Cover, Dual Stereo Microphones


MANQIAN 1080P Webcam with Privacy Cover, Dual Stereo Microphones

Product description


DSP chip: no driver

Image sensor: CMOS

Lens: high quality glass lens

High definition: 12.0M pixels

Dynamic resolution: 640 * 480

Frame rate: 30fps

Focal length: 8mm to infinity

Cable length: 140cm

Product size: 4.7 * 3.5 * 3.3cm

Product weight: 78g

Package weight: 108g (with package weight)

-360 degree left and right and 30 degree up and down can be adjusted as needed.

-High precision professional optical lens.

-The 4-light LED screen is used at night, giving you a bright visual effect and an on / off light button on the back.

MANQIAN 1080P Webcam with Privacy Cover, Dual Stereo Microphones



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