$111 5-1415073-1, Power Relay 24VAC 16A SPDT(77x15.8x69) mm Socket (2 Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical 5-1415073-1 Bargain Power Relay 24VAC 16A Socket 77x15.8x69 2 SPDT mm 5-1415073-1,,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,16A,Socket,wikicert.co.id,24VAC,Power,Relay,$111,SPDT(77x15.8x69),(2,mm,/confederatio990848.html 5-1415073-1,,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,16A,Socket,wikicert.co.id,24VAC,Power,Relay,$111,SPDT(77x15.8x69),(2,mm,/confederatio990848.html $111 5-1415073-1, Power Relay 24VAC 16A SPDT(77x15.8x69) mm Socket (2 Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical 5-1415073-1 Bargain Power Relay 24VAC 16A Socket 77x15.8x69 2 SPDT mm

5-1415073-1 Bargain Power Relay 24VAC 16A Socket 77x15.8x69 2 Store SPDT mm

5-1415073-1, Power Relay 24VAC 16A SPDT(77x15.8x69) mm Socket (2


5-1415073-1, Power Relay 24VAC 16A SPDT(77x15.8x69) mm Socket (2

Product description

EU RoHS: Compliant ECCN (US): EAR99 Part Status: Active HTS: 8536.49.00.75 Contact Arrangement: SPDT Contact Form: 1 Form C AC Coil Voltage (V): 24 Coil Resistance (Ohm): 350 Maximum Pick-Up Voltage: 18VAC Minimum Dropout Voltage: 3.6VAC Maximum AC Switching Voltage (V): 400 Maximum Switching Current (A): 16 Maximum Switching Power: 4kVA LED Indicator: Yes Push to Test Button: No Coil Suppression Diode: No Relay Construction: Non-Latching Mounting: DIN Rail Termination Style: Screw Terminal Number of Terminals: 8 Minimum Operating Temperature (°C): -20 Maximum Operating Temperature (°C): 70 Product Weight (g): 54 Product Length (mm): 77 Product Depth (mm): 15.8 Product Height (mm): 69

5-1415073-1, Power Relay 24VAC 16A SPDT(77x15.8x69) mm Socket (2

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