EZCast PRO II Dongle 5G Presentation Streaming Wireless WiFi A 2021 new 5G,/confederatio1224748.html,Electronics , Television Video,EZCast,II,wikicert.co.id,Presentation,Streaming,|,Wireless,WiFi,PRO,$97,Dongle,A 5G,/confederatio1224748.html,Electronics , Television Video,EZCast,II,wikicert.co.id,Presentation,Streaming,|,Wireless,WiFi,PRO,$97,Dongle,A EZCast PRO II Dongle 5G Presentation Streaming Wireless WiFi A 2021 new $97 EZCast PRO II Dongle | 5G WiFi Wireless Presentation Streaming A Electronics Television Video $97 EZCast PRO II Dongle | 5G WiFi Wireless Presentation Streaming A Electronics Television Video

EZCast PRO II Dongle 5G Presentation Streaming Wireless WiFi 2021 autumn and winter new A 2021 new

EZCast PRO II Dongle | 5G WiFi Wireless Presentation Streaming A


EZCast PRO II Dongle | 5G WiFi Wireless Presentation Streaming A

Product description

Product description:
EZCast Pro Dongle II is the most powerful WiFi display dongle product fitting in a small form factor. With broad OS platforms support, it can empower mobile device and cast small displays to a bigger one. It builds in 802.11ac dual antenna (2T2R) so that you can have best WiFi performance and anti-interfering capability. With the powerful EZCast Pro app, you can split screens display while you’re in a meeting, and you can also use the new AirView and EZNote feature to share content or make notes. Also another powerful screen broadcast app “ProCast”, so that you can cast content to multiple EZCast Pro Dongle 2 simultaneously, it will definitely be the best solution for small offices and classrooms.

1. 802.11ac 5Ghz WiFi. (*2.4Ghz WiFi not supported)
2. 2T2R MIMO high sensitivity antenna.
3. Support 4K@30hz resolution.
4. Support 4 to 1 Split Screens.
5. EZCast Pro app with multiple devices mirroring.
6. ProCast app: 1 to multi broadcast. *depends on PC and WiFi router performance.
7. Auto detection without switch Airplay or Miracast mode.
8. Wireless transmission distance: 30 meters. (*depends on WiFi environment)
9. GHz-level SoC with 1GB DDR3 memory.

Package Contents:
1 x EZCast Pro Dongle II
1 x HDMI extension cable
1 x Type-C USB power cable
1 x Quick Guide

EZCast PRO II Dongle | 5G WiFi Wireless Presentation Streaming A

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