$24 Renaissance Chalk Finish Paint - Mystic Moss - Quart (32oz) - Ch Tools Home Improvement Paint, Wall Treatments Supplie $24 Renaissance Chalk Finish Paint - Mystic Moss - Quart (32oz) - Ch Tools Home Improvement Paint, Wall Treatments Supplie Finish,Ch,Chalk,wikicert.co.id,-,$24,Quart,Renaissance,(32oz),Tools Home Improvement , Paint, Wall Treatments Supplie,Paint,-,Mystic,Moss,/coffering990976.html,- Sales of SALE items from new works Renaissance Chalk Finish Paint - Quart Ch 32oz Mystic Moss Sales of SALE items from new works Renaissance Chalk Finish Paint - Quart Ch 32oz Mystic Moss Finish,Ch,Chalk,wikicert.co.id,-,$24,Quart,Renaissance,(32oz),Tools Home Improvement , Paint, Wall Treatments Supplie,Paint,-,Mystic,Moss,/coffering990976.html,-

Sales Max 86% OFF of SALE items from new works Renaissance Chalk Finish Paint - Quart Ch 32oz Mystic Moss

Renaissance Chalk Finish Paint - Mystic Moss - Quart (32oz) - Ch


Renaissance Chalk Finish Paint - Mystic Moss - Quart (32oz) - Ch

Product description

Renaissance Furniture Paint was designed with you, your family and the environment’s safety in mind. Made of only the highest quality ingredients, Renaissance has Zero VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and zero emissions. There is no CA Prop 65 warning on this can. This paint does not have the dangerous chemicals that require such a warning! All this with the incredible coverage that usually only takes one to two coats! It's an easy to apply, 100% acrylic coating in a chalky smooth finish with excellent hide and durability.

Versatile enough for distressed old world as well as high gloss contemporary styles, Renaissance is specifically designed for wood furniture and cabinets as well as an excellent choice for new or previously painted wallboard, plaster, interior masonry, metal or glass.

Non Toxic
Thick, even self-leveling coverage
Dries in 20 minutes
Durable finish that passes the fingernail scratch test
Silky chalky finish that is smooth to the touch
No surface prep required on a clean surface
Virtually no odor
Manufactured in the USA
No sanding or priming required

You won't have to tackle that project alone.
How-to videos for every type of project can be found on the manufacturer's website.
Live online help offered through the manufacturer's fb page
Instructions included with every quart or kit purchased

Renaissance Chalk Finish Paint - Mystic Moss - Quart (32oz) - Ch

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