Britten:,,Les,$23,Serenade;,Illuminations;,/coffering856576.html,CDs Vinyl , Classical,Nocturne Britten: Serenade; Les Inexpensive Illuminations; Nocturne $23 Britten: Serenade; Les Illuminations; Nocturne CDs Vinyl Classical $23 Britten: Serenade; Les Illuminations; Nocturne CDs Vinyl Classical Britten:,,Les,$23,Serenade;,Illuminations;,/coffering856576.html,CDs Vinyl , Classical,Nocturne Britten: Serenade; Les Inexpensive Illuminations; Nocturne

Britten: El Paso Mall Serenade; Les Inexpensive Illuminations; Nocturne

Britten: Serenade; Les Illuminations; Nocturne


Britten: Serenade; Les Illuminations; Nocturne

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The Serenade and the Nocturne were both composed for Britten's lover, Peter Pears, although "Les Illuminations" was originally written for female voice. Since its premiere, however, it too has become a tenor standard, particularly since it rounds out CDs like this one, which feature the other song cycles as well. Pears was the archetypal English tenor. He had a thin, very agile voice, capable of a surprising volume of tone when necessary. He knew that he wasn't cut out for Italian opera, and when you're sleeping with one of the century's greatest composers, who cares? All of the music written for him was tailored to his special abilities, and he always made the most of the many opportunities that Britten offered to sound like the greatest singer in the world. --David Hurwitz

Britten: Serenade; Les Illuminations; Nocturne

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