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Sheawasy Camera Glasses Full HD 1080p Free Max 40% OFF shipping Photo and Video Shooting

Sheawasy Camera Glasses Full HD 1080p, Video and Photo Shooting


Sheawasy Camera Glasses Full HD 1080p, Video and Photo Shooting

Product Description

HD camera glasses

Sheawasy Video Camera Glasses description

•The Sheawasy Video Camera Glasses are a normal pair of eyeglasses concealing a camera and micinside the frame. The lens is located behind a small unnoticeable pinhole in the left side of the glasses.

•The video recording eyeglasses capture video in 1080p HD resolution with audio, The Camera Glasses are the ideal surveillance gathering product for mystery shoppers, private investigators or individuals who may wish to record vandalism, anti-social behavour, nasty neighbors, disputes or any other untoward activity.

Attention - Please read before using

The product is highly impact design. Please handle with care. Fall down may damage the camera.

The camera will generate heat when recording, this is normal.

◎About the camera performance

Due to the camera size limitation, the performance of the Glasses camera is not as good as that of professional cameras/main mobile phones. To get clear videos, please keep stable and shoot under bright environment. We hope you are happy to use with it.

◎Proper use only

Please abide by the relevant regulations and laws in your country. The product is forbidden for any illegal purposes.

◎Insert and remove TF card

Due to the impact size, the TF card is hidden at the leg of glasses. Please be carefully when insert and remove the card. Please use tweezers when needed.

◎ When the glasses camera works inproperly

Using a Pin to reset the camera. Take out and insert the TF card, try again. If problem is still remaining, we will be here for support.


Video resolution 1920*1080 30FPS
Video format AVI
Storage TFcard, up to 64GB(Not included)
Charging time About 2 hours
Battery working time 60-90 mins
USB 2.0(Hs)
Package Glasses Camera * 1, Charging cable *1, Clean cloth *1, Glasses box *1, user manual * 1
Glasses Camera weight 0.3lb


  • How can I be sure it is recording?

The light is off when it is recording. You can press the power button once and it back to standby mode(red lights on) means it was recording.

  • What can I do if my laptop can not detect the camera?

You can do followings to fix this: Reset the camera/Take out tf card and install again/Change other USB cable and try again.

  • What can I do if the camera glasses works abnormal?

You can reset the camera and try again.

  • I find it is hard to use, what can I do?

You can find our service guy in manual, and they will help you. We have detailed operation video for you.

  • What if I do not want to keep the product but it is used, can I return?

Yes, please find our service contacts in manual. Will support you shortly.

Sheawasy Camera Glasses Full HD 1080p, Video and Photo Shooting

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