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Paddhatti - The Tradition Of Burnished – Cheap bargain Narayanaswamy Free shipping anywhere in the nation V Gold K

Paddhatti - The Tradition Of Burnished Gold – K V Narayanaswamy


Paddhatti - The Tradition Of Burnished Gold – K V Narayanaswamy

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1. Sarasija Nabha – Pada Varnam – Mayamalavagoula – Adi; 2. Pahimam Brihannayike – Huseni – Rupakam; 3. Devadeva Jagadeeshvara – Purvikalyani – Adi; 4. Satatam Tavaka Pada Sevanam – Karaharapriya – Adi; 5. Gopalaka Pahimam – Revagupti – Triputa; 6. Pahi Parvatanandini – Arabhi – Adi; 7. Panimathimuki Bale – Ahiri – Misra Chapu; 8. Slokam followed by Aliveni Endu Cheyvu (Padam) – Kurunji – Misra Chapu; 9. Bhujaga Sayinam – Yadukulakambhodhi – Eka followed by Mangalam (Madhyamavati Ragam Only).

Paddhatti - The Tradition Of Burnished Gold – K V Narayanaswamy

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