NEW Daily necessities LTD 12-inch Mobile Phone Lar Amplifier Screen $24 Daily necessities LTD 12-inch Mobile Phone Screen Amplifier, Lar Cell Phones Accessories Accessories Daily,Mobile,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,Phone,Lar,Amplifier,,12-inch,$24,necessities,/chariotlike1372142.html,LTD,Screen, Daily,Mobile,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,Phone,Lar,Amplifier,,12-inch,$24,necessities,/chariotlike1372142.html,LTD,Screen, NEW Daily necessities LTD 12-inch Mobile Phone Lar Amplifier Screen $24 Daily necessities LTD 12-inch Mobile Phone Screen Amplifier, Lar Cell Phones Accessories Accessories

NEW Daily necessities LTD Great interest 12-inch Mobile Phone Lar Amplifier Screen

Daily necessities LTD 12-inch Mobile Phone Screen Amplifier, Lar


Daily necessities LTD 12-inch Mobile Phone Screen Amplifier, Lar

Product description


Product name: mobile phone screen amplifier
Product material: ABS + imported optical lens
Product size: 260 * 174 * 9mm
Product style: with remote control
Product color: black, red, white
Use scenario: desktop
Product use: watching movies, TV series, online lessons, playing games
Product function: amplification, eye protection, radiation protection, bracket
Products include: mobile phone amplifier * 1, remote control * 1


1. Super-large screen, enlarge the mobile phone screen 1: 1, reduce eye fatigue, no matter watching movies, TV series, online lessons, playing games, can be more relaxed
2. Product ultra-clear optical lens design, anti-blue light design, more high-definition, bring you visual enjoyment, the bottom is made of ABS material is more durable
3. Anti-slip card slot design to prevent the phone from falling, adjustable height design, allowing you to adjust the angle at will, making your neck easier when using
4. Widely compatible, you can use the screen amplifier with any smartphone
5. Pull-out design, easy to carry at home or out
6. With remote control design, can be operated from a distance, easy to use functions


1. Due to manual measurement, please allow a difference of 1-3 cm.
2. Due to different displays and different light, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Thank you for your understanding.
3. Arrival time is about 8-21 days, please be patient. If you have any questions, please contact us in time

Daily necessities LTD 12-inch Mobile Phone Screen Amplifier, Lar

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