CHGDFQ 2021 new Tarps Multi Purpose Tarp Edging Thickened Cover Perforat /cephaldemae1254911.html,CHGDFQ,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,Thickened,Cover,,,$46,Tarp,Purpose,Perforat,Edging,Tarps,Multi /cephaldemae1254911.html,CHGDFQ,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,Thickened,Cover,,,$46,Tarp,Purpose,Perforat,Edging,Tarps,Multi CHGDFQ 2021 new Tarps Multi Purpose Tarp Edging Thickened Cover Perforat $46 CHGDFQ Tarps,Multi Purpose Tarp Cover, Thickened Edging Perforat Tools Home Improvement Hardware $46 CHGDFQ Tarps,Multi Purpose Tarp Cover, Thickened Edging Perforat Tools Home Improvement Hardware

CHGDFQ 2021 new Tarps Multi Purpose Tarp San Antonio Mall Edging Thickened Cover Perforat

CHGDFQ Tarps,Multi Purpose Tarp Cover, Thickened Edging Perforat


CHGDFQ Tarps,Multi Purpose Tarp Cover, Thickened Edging Perforat

Product description

Welcome to my shop

Tarps can be used as protection for boats, cars or motor vehicles, providing shelter from the elements, i.e. wind, rain or sunlight for campers, as an emergency roof patch material for homeowners, as a temporary pickup truck bed cover and for a ground or drop sheet. No matter what application, we present a stronger more durable tarp that will provide the user with longevity for all covering or protective needs.

◆ Welcome to our shop, the following are the product parameters:

★ Specifications:

? Name: Tarpaulin

? Material: PE

? Product weight: 140g / m2

★ Details:

? 1. Enlarge the buttonhole: increase the encryption buttonhole, which is durable and not deformed. All 4 sides are perforated with a pitch of about 1M.

? 2. Thickened wrapping angles around: wrapping rope around the edges, which can be easily fixed and 360-degree protection

? 3. Waterproof test lotus leaf effect: When water drops drip on the surf★Note:
1. Due to manual measurement 10 - 20cm size error, please take the physical size shall prevail.
2. There are slight difference between the picture and the real item caused by brightness.
3. Wrong way of maintenance will seriously affect the product appearance and service life.

CHGDFQ Tarps,Multi Purpose Tarp Cover, Thickened Edging Perforat

Look For

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