$297 Kids Sofa Loveseat Kids Princess Styles Armrest Chair Lounge Cou Home Kitchen Furniture Kids Sofa Loveseat Princess Styles Armrest Lounge Chair Cou 5 popular $297 Kids Sofa Loveseat Kids Princess Styles Armrest Chair Lounge Cou Home Kitchen Furniture Kids Sofa Loveseat Princess Styles Armrest Lounge Chair Cou 5 popular Princess,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Armrest,Loveseat,$297,wikicert.co.id,Kids,Chair,Lounge,Styles,/cephaldemae1224711.html,Sofa,Kids,Cou Princess,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Armrest,Loveseat,$297,wikicert.co.id,Kids,Chair,Lounge,Styles,/cephaldemae1224711.html,Sofa,Kids,Cou

Free Shipping New Kids Sofa Loveseat Princess Styles Armrest Lounge Chair Cou 5 popular

Kids Sofa Loveseat Kids Princess Styles Armrest Chair Lounge Cou


Kids Sofa Loveseat Kids Princess Styles Armrest Chair Lounge Cou

Product description


This princess style kids sofa features a strong wood frame with soft foam for your active child. This is a kind of sofa for entertainment and leisure. It is perfect for slumber parties.

Children can watch TV and read book in this comfortable sofa. With the sofa, your children will now be able to enjoy the comfort that was made just for them. This petite sized features storage arms so kids can store it away. It is ideal for saving furniture.

Besides, the lightweight for you to handling. And the color will best suit your child's personality or bedroom. The material is soft that children can enjoy. Don't Hesitate to buy it !

Brand new and high quality

Sofa for entertainment and leisure

Perfect for slumber parties

Ideal space saving furniture

Great for watching TV or reading a book

Lightweight for easy handling

Choose from an array of colors that will best suit your child's personality or bedroom.

Comfortable material that children can enjoy

Suiting for indoor and outdoor use


Material: Wood Frame + Sponge + PVC

Sofa Dimension: 37'' x 17'' x 22'' (L x W x H)

Seating Area Size: 25.5'' x 13'' (W x D)

Seat Height From Ground: 11''

Weight: 23 lbs

Weight Capacity: 132 lbs

Suitable for ages: 3+ years old

Package includes: 1 x Kid Sofa

Kids Sofa Loveseat Kids Princess Styles Armrest Chair Lounge Cou

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