CARLAMPCR Heavy-Duty Drawer Slide Rail Lock Inch Max 71% OFF Ball Be 10-60 Inch,$82,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,Drawer,Rail,,10-60,Ball,Slide,/category/arcade-perfect-podcast/,,Lock,,CARLAMPCR,Heavy-Duty,Be Inch,$82,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,Drawer,Rail,,10-60,Ball,Slide,/category/arcade-perfect-podcast/,,Lock,,CARLAMPCR,Heavy-Duty,Be CARLAMPCR Heavy-Duty Drawer Slide Rail Lock Inch Max 71% OFF Ball Be 10-60 $82 CARLAMPCR Heavy-Duty Drawer Slide Rail, 10-60 Inch Lock, Ball Be Tools Home Improvement Hardware $82 CARLAMPCR Heavy-Duty Drawer Slide Rail, 10-60 Inch Lock, Ball Be Tools Home Improvement Hardware

CARLAMPCR Heavy-Duty Drawer Slide Rail Lock Inch Max 71% OFF Ball Limited price sale Be 10-60

CARLAMPCR Heavy-Duty Drawer Slide Rail, 10-60 Inch Lock, Ball Be


CARLAMPCR Heavy-Duty Drawer Slide Rail, 10-60 Inch Lock, Ball Be

Product description


High quality ball drawer guide with lock/lock snap function.

With the highest quality and durability. Strong and durable, up to 120kg, used in kitchen cabinets, bedside tables, modified vehicles, industrial factories.

Drawer rail material:
Galvanised steel ball cage with hardened steel balls.
With the snap function, the guide can be locked during insertion and extension.

Length: 250 mm to 1500 mm.
Thickness: 2 mm.
Width: 53 mm.
Load capacity: 120 kg.

Products include:
1 pair (2 pieces) heavy drawer runners.

Drawers of different sizes.
Industrial production.
Furniture production.
Vehicle construction.
Mechanical industry.

CARLAMPCR Heavy-Duty Drawer Slide Rail, 10-60 Inch Lock, Ball Be

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