Phoenix Contact Fixed Terminal Blocks 6P 5mm 20 Pack 90DEG Sales of Phoenix Contact Fixed Terminal Blocks 6P 5mm 20 Pack 90DEG Sales of 6P,Fixed,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,of,20),Phoenix,,Contact,90DEG,5mm,/categories/rope-access---arborist-equipment/gloves,$140,Blocks,(Pack,Terminal $140 Phoenix Contact Fixed Terminal Blocks 6P 5mm 90DEG (Pack of 20) Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical 6P,Fixed,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,of,20),Phoenix,,Contact,90DEG,5mm,/categories/rope-access---arborist-equipment/gloves,$140,Blocks,(Pack,Terminal $140 Phoenix Contact Fixed Terminal Blocks 6P 5mm 90DEG (Pack of 20) Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical

Phoenix Contact Fixed Terminal Blocks Import 6P 5mm 20 Pack 90DEG Sales of

Phoenix Contact Fixed Terminal Blocks 6P 5mm 90DEG (Pack of 20)


Phoenix Contact Fixed Terminal Blocks 6P 5mm 90DEG (Pack of 20)

Product description

Product Specification:

  • Manufacturer:Phoenix Contact
  • RoHS:RoHS Compliant
  • Number of Positions:6 Position
  • Pitch:5 mm
  • Connection Method:Screw
  • Current Rating:13.5 A
  • Voltage Rating:250 V
  • Wire Gauge Range:26 AWG to 16 AWG
  • Mounting Style:PCB Mount
  • Mounting Angle:Straight
  • Series:MKDSN
  • Height:13.5 mm
  • Length:8.1 mm
  • Product:Fixed Terminal Blocks
  • Termination Style:Through Hole
  • Brand:Phoenix Contact
  • Contact Material:Copper
  • Flammability Rating:UL 94 V-0
  • Wire Orientation:Straight
  • Tradename:COMBICON Control
  • Wire Gauge Max:16 AWG
  • Wire Gauge Min:26 AWG

Phoenix Contact Fixed Terminal Blocks 6P 5mm 90DEG (Pack of 20)



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