$97 KH Industries CPCB-16/12-25FT Standard Pendant Cable, PVC Jacket Tools Home Improvement Electrical $97 KH Industries CPCB-16/12-25FT Standard Pendant Cable, PVC Jacket Tools Home Improvement Electrical /categories/chains---rigging/stainless-steel-shackles,CPCB-16/12-25FT,PVC,Standard,$97,Jacket,KH,Pendant,Cable,,Industries,Tools Home Improvement , Electrical,wikicert.co.id KH Industries CPCB-16 1 year warranty 12-25FT Standard Cable PVC Jacket Pendant /categories/chains---rigging/stainless-steel-shackles,CPCB-16/12-25FT,PVC,Standard,$97,Jacket,KH,Pendant,Cable,,Industries,Tools Home Improvement , Electrical,wikicert.co.id KH Industries CPCB-16 1 year warranty 12-25FT Standard Cable PVC Jacket Pendant

KH Industries CPCB-16 1 year warranty 12-25FT Standard Cable PVC Limited time sale Jacket Pendant

KH Industries CPCB-16/12-25FT Standard Pendant Cable, PVC Jacket


KH Industries CPCB-16/12-25FT Standard Pendant Cable, PVC Jacket

Product description

KH Industries round cable designed for use with pendants for the conveyance of electrical power and control to cranes and hoists. Fine Stranding, PVC, 16/12 without strain relief.

KH Industries CPCB-16/12-25FT Standard Pendant Cable, PVC Jacket

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