$98 NILINLEI 1080P HD Digital Video Camcorder with 2.0-Inch Screen M Electronics Camera Photo $98 NILINLEI 1080P HD Digital Video Camcorder with 2.0-Inch Screen M Electronics Camera Photo Digital,$98,Electronics , Camera Photo,2.0-Inch,/cassowary856890.html,Screen,Video,M,HD,with,1080P,NILINLEI,wikicert.co.id,Camcorder Digital,$98,Electronics , Camera Photo,2.0-Inch,/cassowary856890.html,Screen,Video,M,HD,with,1080P,NILINLEI,wikicert.co.id,Camcorder OFFer NILINLEI 1080P HD Digital Video 2.0-Inch M Camcorder Screen with OFFer NILINLEI 1080P HD Digital Video 2.0-Inch M Camcorder Screen with

OFFer NILINLEI 1080P HD Digital Video Bargain sale 2.0-Inch M Camcorder Screen with

NILINLEI 1080P HD Digital Video Camcorder with 2.0-Inch Screen M


NILINLEI 1080P HD Digital Video Camcorder with 2.0-Inch Screen M

Product description

26 megapixel dual camera
2.0 inch IPS display
Photo function photo stickers
Smiley snapshot
Timed, continuous shooting
USB charging 2-3 hours, working time: 3-4 hours

Display: 2 inch HD screen
Function: camera video
Lens material: wide viewing angle with refraction diameter
Camera resolution 5888 * 4416 (2600W) auto lock
Video resolution: 1920 * 1080
Camera functions: photo stickers, smiley snapshots, timer shots, continuous shooting
Time: date can be adjusted
Shutdown time: 1 minute
Battery capacity: 610MAN
Charging time: 2-2.5 hours
Number of photos: about 2300
Recording time: about 3 hours
Number of photos stored: 1G can save about 300 photos
Number of video storage: 1G can save about 10 minutes of video
Expansion support: up to 32G
Camera weight: 75G
Language support: English, Japanese, German, Italian, French, Simplified, Traditional, Spanish
Charging voltage support: DC DC-5V / 1A

1X Children's Camera
1X32G memory card

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NILINLEI 1080P HD Digital Video Camcorder with 2.0-Inch Screen M

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