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Snufeve Mobile Phone Case depot Rig Video Spring new work one after another Smartphone Ext Charger

Snufeve Mobile Phone Case Rig, Smartphone Charger Video Rig, Ext


Snufeve Mobile Phone Case Rig, Smartphone Charger Video Rig, Ext

Product description


1. Using high quality eco‑friendly plastic and anti‑skid silicone material, sweatproof and anti‑skid, grip feeling comfortable, compact size, convenient storage.
2. Roof designed with 3 cold shoe ports, can expand microphone, fill light and other accessory.
3. Maximum support 15W output, intelligent induction, once clip then charged.
4. Can charged or connected to external microphone without occupying Type‑C interface of mobile phone.
5. Mobile phone adopts horizontal pull way fixing mobile phone, 165MM super large range can clip distance, compatible with most common mobile phones.


Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Handheld Shooting Bracket
Material: ABS
Color: Black
Working Voltage:12V
Fitment: Mobile Phone Universal
Weight: Approx. 300g
Size: Approx. 186x119x24mm/7.32x4.69x0.94inch

Package List:

1 xHandheld Shooting Bracket

1 x Hanging Rope

1 x Type-c Charging Cable

1 x

Snufeve Mobile Phone Case Rig, Smartphone Charger Video Rig, Ext

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