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Electric Pro Li Hair Clippers Grooming Rechargeable Cordless Clo


Electric Pro Li Hair Clippers Grooming Rechargeable Cordless Clo

Product Description


Hair Clippers for Men

Electric Pro Li Clippers Grooming Rechargeable Cordless Close Cutting T-Blade Trimmer Suitable For Home Daily Use


Ideal for all kind of people,it will make a great gift for men,sons,husband,or even your grandpa.


  • Our hair clippers will be tested for blade sharpness before shipment. We use black wigs for testing, which may cause some black wool to remain on the cutter head of some products. Please don't worry. This product is brand new and can be treated with a cleaning brush.
  • The hair clipper head is waterproof, but the machine itself is not waterproof, only the blade can be clear.
  • If you have poor trimming during use, please clean your hair with a comb and blade first.
  • If you receive a red light on the bottom of the hair clipper, please charge it first. If the green light is displayed, the charging is complete.
  • To be safe, pay attention to the skin near your ears when shaving.

Electric Pro Li Hair Clippers Grooming Rechargeable Cordless Clo

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