Digital,Piece,,Printing,/arbitrariness856796.html,Set,$23,Supplies,Bathroom,Pai,Yehapp,Home Kitchen , Bath,4,3D,Oil $23 Yehapp 4 Piece Set 3D Digital Printing Bathroom Supplies Oil Pai Home Kitchen Bath $23 Yehapp 4 Piece Set 3D Digital Printing Bathroom Supplies Oil Pai Home Kitchen Bath Digital,Piece,,Printing,/arbitrariness856796.html,Set,$23,Supplies,Bathroom,Pai,Yehapp,Home Kitchen , Bath,4,3D,Oil Yehapp 4 Piece Set 3D Digital Printing Max 61% OFF Oil Bathroom Supplies Pai Yehapp 4 Piece Set 3D Digital Printing Max 61% OFF Oil Bathroom Supplies Pai

Yehapp 4 Piece Set 3D Digital Printing Max 61% OFF Ranking TOP18 Oil Bathroom Supplies Pai

Yehapp 4 Piece Set 3D Digital Printing Bathroom Supplies Oil Pai


Yehapp 4 Piece Set 3D Digital Printing Bathroom Supplies Oil Pai

Product description


1. Name: 4 holiday house happy shower bathroom products personalized 3D digital printing waterproof shower curtain carpet floor mat combination Bathroom toilet mat set (bathroom mat+embedded mat+toilet mat+bathroom shower curtain+accessories 12 pieces of C-shaped hooks)

2. Size: 4-piece set Size: Bathroom Mat + Built-in Mat + Toilet Mat: 75 * 45cm + 45 * 37cm + 42 * 37cm;

Bathroom shower curtain size: 180 * 180cm (71 * 71inch)

3. Material: bathroom mat, adjacent mat, toilet mat: flannel + polyvinyl chloride (PVC) Net;Shower curtain material: polyester fiber (polyester)

4. Weight: 4-piece set weight: 720 grams;3-piece set weight: 384 grams; Shower curtain weight: 394 grams

5. Packaging: OPP bag


1. Applicable size: toilet seat 42 * 37cm, toilet seat cushion: 40 * 45cm, toilet seat cushion 75 * 45cm, suitable for toilet, toilet seat, high-quality flannel, embedded sponge, excellent water permeability, high-definition design;comfortable life.

2. Thick sponge, soft and comfortable, thick and durable, non-woven plastic points, not easy to age, non-slip and wear-resistant, Soft and breathable, non-slip and moisture absorption.

3. Using first-class 3D digital printing technology, the colors are bright, not easy to fade, beautify the house and bring you Comfortable experience. The exquisite printed patterns show a warm, harmonious and festive atmosphere.

4. Bathroom shower curtain size: 180 * 180cm (71 * 71inch).amp;nbsp;The shower curtain is made of polyester fiber, with excellent texture, water absorption and non-slip, fine stitches, and firm seams. Good wear resistance and long service life.

5. It is recommended to clean regularly, easy to keep clean and durable, and can be machined or cleaned.

Patterns: exquisite and beautiful printed patterns

shape: grid + U shape + O shape

Craft: Weaving

Yehapp 4 Piece Set 3D Digital Printing Bathroom Supplies Oil Pai


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