Split,of,wikicert.co.id,$32,Hardened-Zinc,Washer-1/2"-Steel-Thru,Industrial Scientific , Fasteners,10,Yellow-Pkg,/agpaitic991310.html,Lock Split,of,wikicert.co.id,$32,Hardened-Zinc,Washer-1/2"-Steel-Thru,Industrial Scientific , Fasteners,10,Yellow-Pkg,/agpaitic991310.html,Lock $32 Split Lock Washer-1/2"-Steel-Thru Hardened-Zinc Yellow-Pkg of 10 Industrial Scientific Fasteners Split Lock Washer-1 2"-Steel-Thru Hardened-Zinc of Yellow-Pkg 10 Free Shipping New Split Lock Washer-1 2"-Steel-Thru Hardened-Zinc of Yellow-Pkg 10 Free Shipping New $32 Split Lock Washer-1/2"-Steel-Thru Hardened-Zinc Yellow-Pkg of 10 Industrial Scientific Fasteners

Split Lock Washer-1 2

Split Lock Washer-1/2"-Steel-Thru Hardened-Zinc Yellow-Pkg of 10


Split Lock Washer-1/2"-Steel-Thru Hardened-Zinc Yellow-Pkg of 10

Product description

Split Lock Washers provide greater bolt tension and hardened bearing surfaces to create more uniform torque control to resist bolt loosening from vibration and corrosion.

Product Specification:

  • BRAND: Brighton-Best
  • SIZE: 1/2"
  • MATERIAL: Steel
  • FINISH: Zinc Yellow
  • UNIT OF MEASUREMENT: Inch (Imperial)
  • PACKAGE QTY: 100
  • DESCRIPTION: Split Lock Washer - Regular
  • TYPE: Regular

Split Lock Washer-1/2"-Steel-Thru Hardened-Zinc Yellow-Pkg of 10

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